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Extra service

  • Gift Voucher

  • Free loyalty card

  • Discount promotions

  • Free massage

  • VIPs get more

  • Discretion bill

    Exo Academy Gift Voucher

    (For him and her.)

    Surprise your friend(s) or partner with an original gift. The Exo Academy gift voucher! This voucher is always valid and will not expire. Valid for all services and products of Exo Academy and Exo Energy. Gift vouchers are available from €5,-.
    Call and order (0630 88 77 66) or buy it at the desk in our center.

    Attention: Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash, but only as payment at Exo Academy and Exo Energy.


    Stamp card for regular customers

    (For him and her upto 64yrs.)

    When you purchase one of our services or products you get a FREE stamp card*.
    With this particular card you get 25% discount on each additional item! This customer card can be used 8 times.

    * This loyalty card can't be used for courses at Exo Academy, care products and toys.


    Discount promotions (valid until June 30, 2021)

    (For him and her upto 64yrs.)

    % % %

    Promo 1*:
    A lot of benefit for 2 people: Together you can enjoy a completely free exomassage! 0 euro for both!

    Do you not have a massagebuddy?
    Then you might find one in our WhatsApp-group chat BECOME MEMBER

    Promo 2*:
    Get 100% off the normal price of a relaxation massage / skin massage / body massage in the Massage Temple as a massagemodel.
    For 1 or 2 people: 100% discount - so completely free
    Benefit directly BOOK NOW

    * This discount promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.


    Free massage

        (Only for friends duo and couples upto 64yrs.)

    A complete wellness massage* for free is possible at Exo Energy.

    Are you low in cash, or just cannot afford it, and you still would like to receive a dream massage?
    No problem, we are happy to help.
    The only repayment we ask for you is that you will play a massagemodel for a short part of the massage treatment.
    This means that you will be filmed for a short course video that we can use for our training.
    You may decide whether your face is in view or not and we GUARANTEE (we sign a contract if desired) that this video will NEVER be used for advertisements or placed on the internet.
    Call 0630-887766 to book.

    * What will you get: a 80 minute long massage free of choice (all types), of which at least 20 minutes will be used for the instruction video.


    VIPs get more

    (For him and her upto 64yrs.)

    If you had 9 massages by our massage specialist we call you VIP and you'll receive a
    FREE day ticket Public Transport or train* (to the value of €21,00-23,00) with which you can travel in the Netherlands a whole day without limit!

    * The type of day ticket is dependent on the availability from suppliers.

    Receipt / invoice

    For the customer.

    Ask your masseur for the Discretion bill. Very handy when you need to justify your expense on wellness to your partner or employer. It will indicate (free of choice) that you have had a spa and / or wellness treatment or participated the course and no further details.