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Types of Massage

  • General information about massage

  • Exomassage

  • Exotic wellness massage for couples or friends

  • Surinamese massage

  • Swedish massage

  • Relaxing massage

  • Beauty massage

  • LGBT massage


    'General information about massage at Exo Energy'

    (For him and her.)

    How many people are there who are not touched or never touched by someone?
    Loving touch is a basic human need.

    The massage is given on the bare skin with heated massage oil on a massage table. Reasons for receiving a relaxing massage: to release tension, to feel your body whole again, with back, shoulder, neck pain, headaches or other symptoms. Or to simply enjoy laidback. On the physical level, the beneficial effects of a massage include: relaxing and revitalizing the muscles, stimulating the blood circulation, to increase the hemoglobin content of the blood, the stimulation of the lymph flow and the stretching of the connective tissue of the joints. Mentally it is known that a soft skin contact a sense of well-being entails. It is commonly accepted assumed that massage has a regulating -so normalizing- force on the functions of the nervous system, which increases the natural resistance of the body against disease which are removed waste materials stored in the tissues (via an improved blood flow of the tissues), and that it makes more flexible the joints.

    For whom is a body massage especially suitable?
    People who have had a tough period, are stressed, problems with relationships, people suffering from burn-out, persons with fears of binding or abandonment, people who are touched very little, persons in a divorce process, persons who are over-stimulated, persons with addictions, persons seeking a surrogate partner, people who have had bad experiences with intimacy, people sitting in a mourning process, people who are very sporty or in some other way demand a lot of their body, the social 'clumsy', feeling of loneliness, lack of understanding from the partner, no (more) feelings of lust, or on the other hand a lot while the partner hasn't any, when confidence has been badly dented. Also for the so-called 'late bloomers' in love/relationship, and virgins at age a massage can be helpful.

    Ofcourse you don't have to have a 'complaint'. You can book a massage if you have something to celibrate, would like to experience something new, or simply want to relax or for pure enjoyment. Take a massage regularly and you will be a reborn human.

    Benefits of Massage
    Massage is a super healthy boost for body and mind a good way to give care to your body. You bring your car in for regularly maintenance, so you can do the same for your body. Massages and other prevention methods are not so common in our culture. Western medicine, after all, puts a great emphasis on medication in addition to treating symptoms of ailments and diseases. Economic motives also play a role.

    The following factors may cause numerous ailments or serious (chronic) complaints. Massage can surely play a role as a form of prevention, or to develop better body awareness.


    Our present lifestyle with many sitting activities such as computer work, driving, watching tv etc. is not too good for posture, joints and muscles. Irregular work and mealtimes, little exercise and all kinds of unhealthy habits and patterns have become normal for many. Then when a (big) change occurs in your life, you can become easily overloaded or unbalanced because of the lifestyle in combination with this sudden unexpected change. Physical discomfort can arise very quickly. The normal aging process accelerates. You will obviously notice your energy levels dropping.


    Modern life often creates stress and pressure. Pressure or 'hassle' at work, expectations, obligations in general or private problems or combination of those can really drain your energy. Stress is normally a positive and functional phenomenom. However, if it lasts longer in a given situation, or is substantially in nature, then your body will develop symptoms. Think of a reduced resistance, making you faster vulnerable to flu. But also a painful injury that suddenly has a lot more need time to recover. You experience pain in activities you normally undergo effortlessly. Ailments and serious complaints may also going to expand or spread. Stress manifests itself also mentally: you are tired easily, irritated quickly, unable to concentrate. Relaxation or sleep is difficult, even for a short period.

    Out of balance

    Sometimes there is no lifestyle, stress or external factor responsible for discomfort, but you just feel less good about yourself. You feel exhausted: unbalanced. The 'meaning' of life is (temporarily) gone. You are hindered by certain thoughts or emotions that block your recovery or development. The feeling: 'I am stuck'.

    Some effects of massage could be:

    - The improvement of the blood flow
    - Loosen the locomotion and joints
    - Get a higher level of oxygen in all tissues
    - Immunesystem improvement
    - Release of anti-inflammatory substances
    - Faster recovery of damages in (muscle) tissue
    - Reduce muscle tension
    - Increase in energy
    - Improve athletic performance
    - Increase of skin flexibility
    - Waste fluids discharging
    - Increasing freedom of movement
    - Drainage of fluid in the lymphatic vessels
    - Creation of connective tissue
    - Calming the nervous system; body will be in a state of rest
    - Decrease cortisol (stress hormone)
    - Delivery and release of oxytocin and dopamine (natural painkillers; 'feel-good' hormones)
    - Sense of security and belonging
    - Decrease of many complaints and pain where there is no specific medical cause
    - Better able to relax in general
    - Feeling fine, a sense of well-being and positivity
    - Decrease of fear, (acute) stress or feeling restless
    - Decrease of depressive feelings and thoughts



    'Exomassage / Naturistic massage'

    (For him and her / couples.)

    Loving touch is an experience unlike any other. It´s an opportunity to honour your body and soul with sensual touch infused with playfulness and exploration. Exomassage offers you this kind of wellness.
    You will receive a thorough full body massage with long flowing strokes, full body contact and gentle stretches. Exomassage is a combination of Surinamese and Swedish massage techniques and Japanese Reiki. It is an exotic body-to-body massage with all parts of the body being treated. Both the client and masseur are naked. The masseur treat your body with utmost care and dedication so pleasure and rejuvenation are achieved. Body and mind get into balance and delight. You will notice that the intended effect sometimes only is experienced in the day or the day after. The masseur is also mentioned senseur in the exomassage because beside physical massage, the chakras (life energy) are dealt with his hands. He has a sensoric guidance where blockages of these energy pathways are.


    'Exotic duomassage / couple massage'

        (For hetero and gay couples / friends and girlfriends.)

    Loving touch and complete wellness for couples and partners.
    Comfortable relaxing together with your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or any other relationship. This massage is for straight and gay couples or friends to intensify their relationship. The skin massage is given alternately to each partner by a couple-masseur. In which you don't have to worry about a long wait; the masseur changes partner every minute. A male masseur is of great importance, because he has simply larger hands than a masseuse (woman) and is able to massage firmer.
    Would you and your partner like to enjoy a wonderful pair massage?
    During this massage you lie in one room together and you are massaged by our professional masseur. You are entirely private and will not be disturbed. You can either pick any form of massage: Exotic, Surinamese of Swedisch. You can both choose the same massage, but you do not have to. Any combination is possible! The Bi-massage you can choose together. Note: For Surinamese massage you should book well in advance (at least 1 day). The exotic massage and bi-massage are combinations of Surinamese and Swedish massage techniques and Japanese Reiki. They are exotic body-to-body massages with all parts of the body being treated. Both clients and couple-masseur are naked. Both partners will fully enjoy and experience intense passion. Body and mind get into balance and delight.
    A duomassage at the MassageTemple is unique in its kind and is therefore an original gift for your friend(s) which you can enjoy yourself at the same time.



    'Surinamese massage / Massasu'

    (For him and her.)

    A Surinamese massage helps rejuvenate you.
    It is a gentle massage in which all parts of the body to be treated. The masseur treats all the muscles calmly and use tropical fruits.
    The Surinamese massage is a wonderful relaxation massage, where both body and mind come to rest. By means of strokes (effleurages) and kneads (petrissages) the circulation is stimulated, removes waste, masses the muscle tension and promotes the body's self-healing ability. With this massage both the front and back of the body are massaged. You are completely relaxed in a short time.
    This type of massage is characterized by Indian and Indonesian influences.

    'Swedish massage'

    (For him and her.)

    A Swedish massage helps strengthen your joints. It is a sturdy massage in which all parts of the body to be treated. The practitioner uses specific pressure points to relax muscles and tendons.
    The Swedish massage is a wonderful relaxation massage, where both body and mind come to rest. By means of strokes (effleurages) and kneads (petrissages) the circulation is stimulated, removes waste, masses the muscle tension and promotes the body's self-healing ability. With this massage both the front and back of the body are massaged. You are completely relaxed in a short time.


    'Relaxing massage'

    (Voor hem en haar.)

    All our types of massage include relaxation massages. However, you have the choice of different techniques. For the most intensive relaxation, you should choose the exomassage.

    'Beauty massage'

    (For him and her.)

    All our massage types are beauty massages. Your body's muscles are kept flexible so your look stays young. Yet there is a choice in a variety of techniques. For the most intensive beauty massage you should choose the Surinamese massage.


    'LGBT massage (Holebi)'

    (For him, her and trans / couples.)

    LGBT massage is a sensual discovery massage for an inexperienced person in the field of sexuality or sexual doubter up to the age of 26. The masseur (male) himself is bisexual and 42 yrs at maximum. Want to gain higher knowledge about intimacy and sensuality? Are you not sure if you are bi, hetero or homo? Or do you have doubts and want clarity? At Exo Academy you can have a free 2-session erotic (=sensual) massage treatment to figure out through male contact, if men by all means is a preference. Hygiene and discretion are guaranteed. This massage will cost 0 euro*. (* This personal development course is funded by the Foundation.)
    Order by calling 0630 887766 (daily 9.00-19.00)



    The information contained on this website is intended for general information purposes only. Although we take the utmost care in compiling and maintaining the information provided on this website Massagetemple Exo Energy can not guarantee the completeness, relevance and / or accurate. Massagetemple Exo Energy accepts no liability for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of, reliance on, or actions taken based on the information provided on this website.

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